How to use Lonsdor K518ISE Program Dodge Journey 2011-2019 Smart key with J-LCD Cable?

lonsdor j-lcd

LONSDOR L-JCD Cable L-JCD Patch Cord Suitable for K518ISE Key Programmer Support Maserati Dodge Key Programming. For Dodge,you can use a L-JCD patch chord to connect K518 with car before program,and then enable to program smart key of Journey(2018-). DODGE\Select… Continue Reading

Lonsdor K518 Update AUDI&BUICK&CADILLAC&VOLVO&VW (Nov 20th,2019)

Lonsdor K518 Update for AUDI&BUICK&CADILLAC&VOLVO&VW (Nov 20th,2019),and please update lonsdor k518ise online. Lonsdor k518ise: Brand Menu ID Menu APP GMC 5044 GMC\Canyon\IMMO\2015\Immobilizer All key lost Add key Read key count Clear fault code 15044 GMC\Savana\Remote\2008-2013 Program remote Delete remote 19044… Continue Reading

Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker “Checking” Error Solution

lonsdor kh100

Lonsdor KH100 remote programmer supports identify chip, access control key, simulate chip, generate chip, generate remote (key), generate smart key (card), detect remote frequency, detect infrared signal, search induction area, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc. And lonsdor… Continue Reading

How to Connect Lonsdor K518 Remote/Smart Key Generation Cable?

Lonsdor K518 Key Generation Cable supports Remote/Smart Key Generation. And now we also have Toyota Smart key PCB now. Lonsdor K518ISE and Lonsdor Key Generation Cable Connection One side connect Lonsdor K518ISE,another side connect with smart key pcb. We sell… Continue Reading